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Hajir Taheri

The Diabetic Guru


My story is one in which the path was not always clear. For major parts of it, there actually was no path, and I had to create its building blocks and pave it, for me, and for those who would follow.

Since being diagnosed as a Type-1 diabetic in my teens, for years I grappled with it, living a life without the necessary tools to navigate its challenges, resulting in my diabetes being unmanaged. 

The change was delivered by being faced with a devastating revelation: an eye disease, which was caused as a complication of diabetes. Driven to find a practical solution, I embarked on a mission to reclaim control over my diabetes and my life and make it a meaningful and active one.

The progress of medication has allowed Diabetics a second chance at life, and taking it with both hands, I delved into research, learning, and exploration, encountering failures along the way. Yet, I ultimately succeeded in gaining control over my diabetes while embracing an active and fulfilling lifestyle. Now, I am devoted to empowering others to achieve well-managed diabetes, in a way that suits their needs and lifestyle, not being bound by generalized and over-simplified instructions. 


Join me on this transformative journey, where hope prevails, knowledge and experience are treasured, and resilience reigns supreme.

How diabetes 
damage health & lifestile

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When dealing with
diabetes with no
practical knowledge
results are poor and

Diabetics limit their
life to familiar and

Still not well

Reduction in
treatment compliance


The problem

Looking at some data and numbers (USA), we learn that : 

53.7 Million People with Diabetes (PWD) Type 1 in 2022 were at risk of death (6.7 Million deaths a year are caused by diabetes), blindness, kidney failure, heart attacks, stroke, and lower limb amputation.

PWD type 1 of all ages experiences a significant decrease and incremental deterioration in their quality of life due to non-optimal diabetes self-management.

More than $237 BILion/year invested in direct medical costs of diabetes and still US economy faces $90 billion in reduced productivity.

However, that reduced productivity, for example, is NOT just a number. It is a parent waiting in emergency rooms and hospitals instead of working, or diabetics not going out to work. 

While the impact on health and finances of diabetes is well-documented, the toll on life quality is a silent burden, one that is carried by the Diabetics and their family members.

It is comprised, among other things, from sleepless nights, limitation of spontaneity, and self imposed restrictions as to what can and can not be done as a diabetic.  

There is a profound interplay between life quality, motivation to follow treatment plans, self-assurance, and overall well-being.


The Solution

While there are medications and devices to help control Diabetes, those are not enough by themselvs.

Self-management and practical knowledge is required in order to practically maintain balanced glucose levels.

Self-management is gained by becoming well-informed, being equipped with practical knowledge and devices, and receiving guidance. Those would allow individuals with diabetes to overcome the obstacles it puts in their way. 

I can do it, so can you!  


Online courses and seminars to provide the practical method of diabetes management


Online/Offline support groups for emotional management


Online/offline 24/7 escort for diabetics and their caregivers all the way until they have the confidence to autonomously self manage their diabetes


Special guidance for Xtream activity and sports


Coaching to encourage and inspire Diabetics to set goals and go after them 


My way to success


info689 [Converted]-02.png

Set a new goal

Breakdown the goal to

achievable small milestones




Evaluate what are the gaps you need to bridge in knowledge of experience

info689 [Converted]-02.png


Learn, try and explore

Try the first milestone with controlled diabetes until success then move to next milestone


Move forward

Use your knowledge and experience to hit the next challenge




Increase in: treatment compliance, self confidence, motivation

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Take control over your life and diabetes


start your journey to freedom.

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